Bulk Materials

Bulk Materials in Buffalo, NY

If you need bulk materials for your next project but simply don’t have the time to visit Bison Turf Equipment, we can help! We have bulk materials for both pickup and delivery in Buffalo, NY. Our small dump trucks, tri-axles, and semi-dump trailers can handle any size load from 5 yards to 60 yards! No matter how much you need, we’ll bring it over.

Let us know where, and we’ll be there!

Our selection of fine materials includes the following:

  • Mulch in Brown, Black, and Red
  • Topsoil
  • 1” Decorative Landscape Stone
  • 4”-5” Tailings Decorative Landscape Stone
  • Washed Stone
  • Crush and Run
  • Rock Salt

Call 716-262-9149 today and ask for Joe to discuss pricing and details.